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Shopping for Skinny Headbands for Babies at Different Ages

There are several things a parent needs to know when shopping for Shopping for Skinny Headbands and other baby clothes and accessories. Babies grow very quickly and so parents have to get new clothes for them every 3 to 4 months. Depending on the babies age and size, when Shopping for Skinny Headbands, parents have to look for certain things and specifications in material, size tec. We will discuss these below


Shopping for Skinny Headbands: 0-3 Months

Shopping for babies at this age requires little variety, your primary goal should be buying clothes and accessories that are comfortable. Take into account what the baby does all day – which is sleep and lie down. Make sure to buy clothes that are soft, comfortable to sleep in and that are made from breathable materials. The clothes should also not have hard objects like buttons, zips or accessories that could cause harm to the baby or scratch their skin. Also, remember that newborns grow very fast so they will outgrow their clothes very quickly. With this in mind, make plans to buy new clothes every few months. And when buying clothes buy only a few so you don’t end up with unworn clothes that are now too small for your baby. Keep these summarized points in mind — 


  • Don’t buy too much one size of clothes
  • Make plans to buy clothes every few months
  • Or buy ahead by buying different sizes of clothes
  • Don’t buy clothes with large buttons, zips, or hard accessories and designs
  • Don’t buy   with hoods or collars
  • Buy clothes that can be worn and taken off without causing much discomfort to the baby
  • Buy onesies, bodysuits, and soft t-shirts
  • Buy trousers with soft and wide waistbands that are elastic
  • Buy pants or onesies with feet so you don’t need to buy socks which are bound to fall off
  • For girls buy soft skirts and dresses and tights to go with them when the weather is cold


Shopping for Babies at 6-9 Months

By the time the baby is between 6 and 9 months old, they are already a bit mobile and some might already start crawling and standing on their own. At this age, they can wear socks comfortably without it falling off so no need to keep buying only trousers and onesies with feet. Onesies are still very useful and practical at this age but you can start to mix it up with shirts, shorts, pants, dresses for girls and even dungarees for both boys and girls. At this age, you can also get the baby soft-soled shoes to be worn when going out or when they are playing in a rough ground terrain like in the park.


Shopping for Babies at 9-12 Months

At 9t to 12 months the baby would have developed significantly from when they were newborns. They are likely walking by now and they would have mastered the grasp. This means they would explore their environment and try to grab things to examine them and pay with them. This means you should avoid getting clothes with buttons and any hanging accessories. They are likely to tug at them and try to put the objects in their mouth. Thus at the age, when shopping for skinny headbands, try to get the ones with no attachments but instead headbands made from one material so there’s no possibility of parts falling off. At this age, it is also great to start buying baby bibs. This is the age where babies start to learn to feed themselves, eat solids, and pick snacks out of their plate. So baby bibs will save you a lot of ruined clothes and laundry time. At this stage try to buy clothes in solid colors and stay away from white clothes. It’s also a good time to start buying separates. So your bay can roam around in just a t-shirt or just shorts. Separates also mean you can mix and match and when there is a stain, you can change one part of the outfit easily.  Keep these summarized points in mind — 


  • Stay away from whites and buy clothes in bright an dark colors instead
  • Buy baby bibs of different sizes
  • Buy more separates such as t-shirts and onesies
  • Don’t buy clothes with buttons or with attached hard accessories
  • Buy soft-soled shoes for going out
  • Buy skirts and dresses for girls
  • Buy pull-up diapers


Concluding Thoughts on Shopping for Skinny Headbands

When shopping and dressing up your baby, it is important to follow these tips and suggestions but it is also important to use your discretion as every child is unique and every situation is different. For example, some babies grow a lot faster than others while some babies don’t have a lot of body mass and they might be small for their age. Thus, it is important to shop for your babies wieght and size and not particularly for their age. Don’t buy a clothing item just because it’s for your baby’s age even though it might seem too big or too small. Also, shop for your weather and your climate. When it comes to shopping for accessories like shopping for Skinny Headbands, you can use that as an opportunity to add some color and variety into your babies outfit. For the first few months and even the first year, their clothing selection and variety would be pretty limited because comfort is the priority. However, you can add some fun by buying and dressing them in colorful items, like colorful skinny headbands, floral skinny headbands, and many other accessories that are good for kids.